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Flip Body Massage Spa MG Road Gurgaon - why come to us?

Below are a few reasons to choose massage in our Flip Body Spa in MG Road Gurgaon. We are deeply convinced, based on the satisfaction of our clients, that you will enjoy our massage and bring you what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a massage to relax stiff muscles or just want to relax and relieve stress.

we offer harmonizing and anti-stress massage of the head and face, neck, back, arm, abdomen, foot, foot massage and reflex massage

healing massage

by touch we can solve painful and chronic conditions

unique and sensitive massage

individual approach

excellent accessibility from the massage center of Gurgaon

fragrant oasis in the heart of Gurgaon, where you leave stress and take away the peace of mind and relaxed body

professional body care approach

We offer a wide range of different massage techniques

we offer both classical and untraditional massages such as: biorelease full body massage (for example, abdominal massage for example), reflexology

foot sole massage, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, head and face anti-stress massage, phonophoresis and more

The price includes a detox tea

we leave the time to integrate the massage experience so-called after-massage time

15 years of experience and established studio

Massage - what they mean to us

In massage, one has the ideal conditions to perceive his heart where there is only peace. Relaxation is gradually becoming more and more transmitted to life, where there is only harmony. Thus, massages can support us on our way to ourselves, to our inner self. Thus, massage not only affects the senses and the body, but above all the heart - the soul of each of us.

Massages are unique to the specific selection of different massage techniques that carry healing, protective, self-healing and supportive potential.

what do we use?

Body Therapy Techniques

These are gentle touches that penetrate the level of muscles and joints. They are suitable for mental overload. These techniques, which are practiced in the massage, make it possible to loosen stiff or tired muscles.

support and stabilization techniques

Suitable for chronic pain or injury. We use tapes to support and stabilize.

lava stones

Hot stone massage is suitable for warming and calming your body. Massage, which we perform with lava stones, is one of the best therapies for the overall relaxation and regeneration of the body. The combination of heat that natural stones radiate and special massage techniques guarantee a perfect experience

mechanical flasks

We also provide massage with the help of mechanical flasks. This method is mainly beneficial for the overall relaxation and detoxification of your body. Through flasks, we can reduce or eliminate cellulite, back and joint pain. The so-called dry flasks are used in this massage, where a vacuum is created, which causes the flasks to suck on the skin, which are placed on the intact skin and a subsequent underpressure creates a release of the subcutaneous tissue. Flasks can also be massaged.

vibrating tuner

In addition to massage, we also offer you a procedure that is performed by therapeutic tuners. Sound vibrations have the ability to change our inner mood, our minds, emotions and the whole body. It will fine-tune our body and mind back to original harmony.

massage oils

We use Rituals oils at our massage. In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to choose between first-class Ayurvedic Siddhalepa oils, Saloos Bio-quality oils or Hawaiian oils containing jojoba, almond and sunflower oil combined with jasmine, rosewood and ylang-ylang.

certainly not disappoint you

We have been providing all of our massages for many years, we have many years of experience with them and our clients always like to come back to us. Do not hesitate to use our services and you will see that our massages or yoga reach the highest level in a relaxed family atmosphere, where you will feel good, comfortable and sure to relax here.

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